Fine Art Graffiti for Wall Murals

Art-ma has a selection of artists that specialise in painting graffiti art for wall murals. Focusing exclusively on large wall murals and decorative paintings and graffiti art both on the inside and outside of commercial and residential buildings. Art-ma can help you to create outstanding custom wall murals.

Some of our artists have been commissioned to produce wall designs for brands like Audi, Nissan, Coca Cola, Heineken and other well renowned companies, using their style of combining traditional fine art methods with contemporary graffiti techniques.

Below is a sample of some of the art works that have been commissioned. If you are interested in commissioning a wall mural for your organisation or for your home, please complete this form. Our talented artists work to any brief you provide and can create any design you wish in the colour and style of your choice.

Horizont Club Wall Mural 3
Horizont Club Wall Mural
Horizont Club Wall Mural 4
Horizont Club Wall Mural 2
Kids on Adventure- Mural- Simeon Veliki School
Aquatic Wall Mural- Simeon Veliki Private School
Germany Biggest Bhakti Wall Mural
The Girl With The Chalk Mural
The-Little-Prince Mural
Simeon-Veliki-Private-School Mural
Artplay Center Saint Petersburg Mural
Athletic-Fitness Mural
Mural for a Gym on Art-Ma
Athletic-Fitness Mural
Athletic-Fitness Mural
Elder Dobre- Wall Mural
Krishna Mural
Krishna Avanti Primary School London
Memorial Mural
Monte-Leone-Italy Mural