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Introductory Videos


Art With A Healing Touch

The rod of Asclepius is the most prominent symbol of healthcare, healing and medicine in the modern world. Its origins, however, can be traced back to Greek mythology and represents the medical prowess of
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The importance of the five elements in the Bhagavad Gita

You must have heard the phrase ‘we are all one with nature’. The obvious commonality that all of God’s creations – humans, animals, the flora and fauna – have with
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Balance the 5 Elements through Yoga

A perfect balance of the five elements can be found in the outcome of Yoga practices.The spirit elements make up our body and mindand when we do Yoga we revive
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Video: Space Represents

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Let sacred air flow through your home with this artwork

You are now looking at Ovidiu Kloska’s depiction of another classical element – air. In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, air is sometimes referred to as ‘vayu’, which translates
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Calming water: A spirit element that fills us with wisdom

The spirit element of water is essential for life and our spiritual growth. It can be found around us and within us. It circulates in our body, and also in
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Video: Water Represents

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Nurturing Earth: A spirit element that gives us roots

The spirit element of Earth is the one that is closest to us. We feel its nurturing ground, smell its intoxicating scents, hear its calming sounds, taste its nutritious produce
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The importance of five elements in eastern philosophy

Space, air, fire, water and earth –  these are the five elements that are common to many cultures. But there are branches of eastern philosophy, mainly practiced in China, that
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The eternal fire: A spirit element that can never be extinguished

In many ways, the spirit element of fire can be equated with a dual personality. It can provide comfort and convenience in your time of need, for example, for cooking
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A basic guide to the 5 classical elements common across religions

We are surrounded by the five spirit elements – space, water, fire, earth and air. They are such an intrinsic part of our everyday existence that we often overlook their
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