Art is a great way to teach children about spirituality. Art is a way of trying to express the inexpressible, using not words, but the language of colour, lines, shapes, textures, images, capturing what words cannot. It has been a powerful medium for conveying spiritual ideas for centuries.

We at art-ma are keen to engage the younger generation, through Art, by communicating to them the virtue of spirituality and making them more aware of themselves as well as the world around them. art-ma wishes to encourage them to explore their spiritual side by introducing them to visual representations, by way of paintings and other art works, allowing them to ask questions, use their imagination and be reflective.

We have animated a few of our paintings, so that the children can better engage and relate to the stories within the painting, and in turn art-ma’s philosophy on making one more self-aware and spiritually minded.

We have also put together a number of children’s stories below that focus on spirituality. You have the option to either read these to your children or listen to them by clicking on the audio link. We hope you enjoy the story selection below; we will keep adding to these, so please do return to the site for new stories to share with your children.