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Once upon a time there was a magical park, and inside this magical park there was a very special apple tree. The tree was beautiful, huge and had shiny red apples that were very sweet and juicy.There was a little child who came to see this special tree every single day. He would play around it. When he got hungry he would eat the delicious apples. When it got too hot he would rest in the shade. If he was scared of the other creatures in the magical park he would climb the tree for safety. A very strong bond of love developed between this magical tree and the little boy, they were both best of friends.

As time went on the little boy came to play less and less. The tree began to get sad that it’s best friend no longer visited as much. One day the boy was in the magical garden and the tree saw him. With a smile, the tree called out to him.
“Come let’s play. I have missed you.”

The little boy looked at the tree and said “I am too old to play with trees now. I want to play with iPads and video games.”

The tree was sad, but wanted the boy to be happy.

“I don’t have any of those things, but I do have delicious apples.” After thinking for a few moments the tree said “why don’t you pick my apples and sell them? That way you can have money to buy toys.”

“Thanks!” the boy shouted with happiness. He picked all the apples and left joyfully. The tree spent many years waiting for the boy to come back after he picked the apples. However, he didn’t come back and the tree became sad.

Many years passed and the boy, who was now a man passed the tree in the magical garden. Seeing him made the trees sadness disappear. It became very happy again.
“Come and play with me” the tree said, forgetting all of its sadness.
“I don’t have time to play. I have to work for my children and wife. I need a house for us to live in. Can you help me?”

“If I had a house I would give it, but I don’t. What I can give you is wood. If you chop off my branches you can use them to build your house.”

“Thank you so much,” the man said to the tree as he cut of its branches. He left very happily with a big smile on his face. The tree was delighted to see him look so happy.

However, after chopping off the trees branches the man did not return. The tree began to feel sad again.

Many years later, the man returned. Once again, the tree became very happy.
“Are you here to play with me?”

“I am getting old, before I get too old I want to sail the world. Can you give me a boat?”

“Here, use my trunk to build your boat, so you can sail away and be happy.”

The man took the trunk and again didn’t come to see the tree for a long time. You can imagine how sad the tree was.

Finally, he returned as an old man. “I do not have anything to give you anymore.” The tree said. “No more apples for you.”

“That’s no big deal, I don’t have any teeth to bite anyway,” the old man replied.
“I can’t protect you from the creatures in this magical garden, I don’t have branches,” the tree said.
“My knees hurt and my hands aren’t that strong anymore so I can’t climb anyway …” he replied.

“All I can give you is my dying roots. I have nothing else,” the tree said with tears.

“That’s fine all I want to do is rest,” the old man said.
The tree smiled “old tree roots are the best to lean and rest on. Come and sit with me and we can rest together.” The man lay his head on the tree’s roots and lay down to rest. The tree smiles with tears of happiness.

The little boy represents us all and the tree our parents. When we were young we played with our parents all the time. As we get older we leave them and only come back when we need something or are in trouble. Despite us only coming when we want something parents will give us everything they can, just to make us happy. So we should all treat our parents with loving care, otherwise we will only realise their value when they’re not there.

Cherish your time with them and show them you love them too.