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  • Medicine Buddha

    In this painting you see, Italian artist Parama Libralesso depicts Medicine Buddha, also known as Bhaisayaguru, as a symbol of the healing process.  It is that force that guide us in the awakening of the innate healing wisdom that is present in every individual. His meditative pose reminds us that we should look inwards to answer all the questions we ask.

    On a white lotus, inlaid with the sheet of the moon, the Buddha of Medicine sits.

    His healing body, a dark, transparent blue, is in a state of thorough transformation.  In his right hand he holds the plant of Haritaki in the “welcoming gesture” (varadamudrā), and in the left the healing nectar for all, mind, body and soul diseases.

    The butterflies symbolise the process, from voracious caterpillar to fluttering creatures able to elect the best nourishment, the pollen.  His irises are gold, his gaze looking beyond any illusory veil and judgement, healing all ailment. He is surrounded by the sacred plants of shamanic traditions, as incarnations of healing aspects of nature.

    The Medicine Buddha is here to heal all ailments regardless of their nature, this is the perfect time to bring Him into your home.

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