In this artwork Giampaolo Tomassetti has portrayed the three Devis, the three Goddesses, the feminine version of the Trimurti. This holy trinity is made up of the Hindu Goddesses from right to left Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

Goddess Durga symbolises Shakti (power) and keeps all evil at bay. She is often shown courageously riding a lion or a tiger, which is another symbol of immense power. Tomassetti shows Durga in her multifaceted glory through her many hands, which he depicts holding sacred objects such as sword symbolising knowledge and intellect and a conch through which she emulates the most pure sound of ‘Om’.

Goddess Lakshmi symbolises wealth, not only materially but also of intellect and knowledge. In this artwork Tomassetti shows Lakshmi holding lotus flowers. The symbolism here is that money just like water should always flow and never remain inert.

Goddess Saraswati symbolises knowledge. Here Tomassetti shows her sitting on a swan, which is said to have the ability to differentiate between milk and water and thus it represents the ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

The fiery red is juxtaposed against soothing white and gold tones, beautifully encapsulating the power of these three Goddesses.

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