Mahabharata – Krishna in Indraprastha

Before Indraprastha became the capital of the Pandava’s kingdom, it was the ancient capital of the Kuru clan of which the Pandavas and Kauravas are a part.

At one point in the epic, the Kurus gave the Pandavas a piece of desert land. It had been abandoned for many years and did not look like a place fit to become a capital city. But the Pandavas with the help of Krishna, hard work, determination and skill transformed this wasteland into a beautiful city that would compete with the beauty of Hastinapura, the capital of the empire.

Krishna called upon the heavenly architects Vishvakarma and Mayadhanava, the top designers during that time to transform it into a city fit for the Pandavas. As you can see in the artwork, the architectural accuracy and sophistication made Indraprastha a unique utopia and the perfect example of how cities should be built. Here we can see, in the foreground Maharaj Yudhishthira showing Lord Krishna the great view from the royal palace, as to let us take part in their glance.

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