Mahabharata – O Brother – Bhima and Hanuman

This is the moment when the two most important epic tales of India entwine. The elder brother Hanuman – the divine monkey, meets the younger Bhima in a singular pastime with a final explosion of affection! Hanuman is Bhima’s half-brother, son of Vayu. He is a great warrior and the very embodiment of devotion to Rama, an incarnation of Krishna.

The wild forest is the timeless context of a scene that sees the aged Hanuman meeting his strong brother Bhima. The artist wanted to play with the unusual proportions of the characters as Bhima describes the creature to be ”the biggest monkey he ever saw.”. You can see by contrast, the endeavour that Bhima is making to move Hanuman’s tail and the lazy tired face of the gigantic monkey almost indifferent to this action. There is for sure a link between the intricate elements of the forest and the intrigue of the whole Mahabharata.

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