Mahabharata – Shishupala insulting Krishna

The great proprietary sacrifices were celebrated in rich pavilions specially built by the great architects. The show of opulence was part of the ritual, offered in gratitude to the Lord, to acknowledge His supremacy and invoke protection and prosperity for every citizen. Maharaja Yudhisthira asked Lord Krishna to preside the great Ashwamedha Yajna (the ancient Horse Sacrifice).

The painting depicts the liberation of Shishupala, a powerful and cruel character. You can distinguish the main character of the epic event such as Yudhishthira on Krishna’s left with imperial garments, in the foreground Arjuna with his bow and Bhima with the mace. Right behind them are the two great sages – Bhishmadeva, the great grandfather of the Mahabharata; and the ancient Parashurama, the mystic presence of another Vishnu avatar coming from another era.

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