Ashima Kumar

“Ashima Kumar is a visual artist working at the cutting edge of Graphic Design and Fine Art after completing her BFA degree in applied arts. Her style is a unique fusion of doodle art, traditional art and modern technology. Ashima juxtaposes geometric simplicity with painterly strokes, drawing inspiration from traditional folk-art forms and natural patterns. Her work is conceptual in nature and incorporates elements of expressionism, surrealism, and feminism, as well as spiritual and psychological content. They symbolise beauty, wonder and serenity.

Her serene artworks are aimed to “penetrate the innermost part of ourselves where no words exist.” She expresses herself through graphic forms and colour
as an emotional translation of her dreams and inner emotions. Ashima describes her artistic technique as threefold: “dream, doodle, design.” She is always seeking to transform the experiential into visible patterns and definite forms.

Nature stimulates her, and her expressionist artworks depict themes derived from her affinity with nature. She is enthralled by the way patterns arise spontaneously and act as a kind of representation.

Ashima leads mindfulness art workshops. She applies elements of her art style to transmit well-being tools. Her classes teach participants how to uncover unconscious thoughts, enhance focus, reduce stress and increase creativity.