Ashima Kumar

“Art can penetrate the deepest part of us where no words exist”.

Ashima has been working at the cutting edge of Graphic Design and Visual Art. Her creative works are an exploration of the world around her. Inspired by traditional art form she has developed her own style of contemporary art using pen, ink, water colour and technology to realise mixed- media artworks.

Her work is often considered a fine example of what possibilities happen when you pair clean, strong forms with a powerful message. Her effort has been to showcase how, with the use of bold and rule-breaking visual language, graphic design can inspire and be a vital element in the growth of businesses and also in nudging public perceptions in desirable ways.

Her artworks are translation of her dreams and what touches her soul. That is why art to her is ‘Dream, Doodle, Design’. She translates her thoughts and narrates the story into patterns and composition using fine line drawings (doodles) and colours.

She completed her ‘Bachelor of Fine Arts’ degree from the prestigious College of Art, Delhi, India in 1993. Since then, she has set up her eponymous design studio and has successfully conceptualized, designed and executed several prestigious corporate and social projects.