The Lotus flower, because of its unique transformation, has long been regarded as a symbol of enlightenment, purity, rebirth, and triumph over obstacles. While you certainly don’t need to follow a certain spiritual practice to draw inspiration from the lotus, this beautiful blossom holds specific meanings across a handful of traditions. In eastern culture, for example, the lotus is a symbol of revival and purity and in Ancient Egypt it is believed to have magical powers and can ressurect the dead.

The colours too of the Lotus have some significance. A white lotus, much like the one depicted in this artwork by Italian artist Patrizio Landolfi, symbolises purity of mind and an evolved spirit, whilst a yellow Lotus represents spiritual enlightenment. The Lotus flower is special in that it can bloom in the murkiest of waters becoming the most beautiful of flowers.

In this piece the lotus seems hidden behind a yellow veil, which can be interpreted as the Artist’s vision of humanity – a materialistic world devoid of any spiritual awakening, unless we cleanse this thought process, the meaning of life and death will continue to elude us.

Artist: Patrizio Landolfi, Original Media: Oil on Canvas

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