Mahabharata – Save my Honour

Of all the events in the Pandava’s lives, this must be one of the lowest.

Right after having lost the Kingdom and Draupadi’s dignity at the dice contest the Pandavas went into exile in the forest. Krishna saved her honour, by performing a miracle. He provided her unlimited fabric of her sari to prevent her from being disrobed in public.

The nocturnal setting and the light cutting through the darkness, in this moving artwork, contributes to enhance the drama. Krishna consoles Draupadi promising her that everything will be remedied. The desperate face of the woman right in front of the self-effulgent blue God. King Yudhishthira on the right side is the most afflicted, feeling guilty for the big defeat. The painting is in continuity with the “Pandavas were cheated” artwork.

This is the moment when the idea of war mounts seriously although they continued for another 13 year in exile.

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