Mahabharata – Parthasarathi

This is the very heart of Mahabharata, this is the moment that decides how the game will be played. This is the very moment upon which the entire Mahabharata has been written.

The majestic chariot enters the battlefield of Kurukshetra, where the armies are lined up, ready to clash. In these circumstances, Krishna reveals to his friend and devotee Arjuna the secret of Vedic knowledge. The fundamentals of wisdom are conveyed, as he speaks of truth and deception, illusion and reality, virtue, passion and ignorance. The deeper aspects of the psyche, the transcendental nature of the self, the relationship with the Godhead and with other living beings, all come to light very clearly in this dialogue whispered in front of the two armies, and recorded in the Bhagavad Gita (the song of God), one of the primary texts of mankind’s spiritual history.

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