Holi is also a great equaliser, as it unites people from all walks of life, across generations, to celebrate the good that resides in all of humanity.

Italian artist Patrizio Landolfi’s artwork ‘The Colours of Holi’ celebrates this aspect of the festival. There is a whirlwind of different colours—red, yellow, green, blue, and orange—that converge into this white cloud at the centre of the artwork. The white represents peace and harmony, which are felt so intensely during Holi celebrations. The colours merge into each other seamlessly, they do not clash. And they eventually become one.

This artwork signifies how important the message behind Holi is to maintain balance in the world. Like the different colours, humanity is also filled with people from different backgrounds. But instead of competing and clashing with each other, which has become frequent nowadays across the world, Holi teaches us to embrace each other’s differences more. Only when this happens will the world find peace.

This vibrant Holi artwork will brighten up your home or work space instantly. And what’s more, the piece promotes positivity, which will radiate all around the space it occupies. So look no further, this is the artwork that will bring those good vibrations back into your life.


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